Tuesday, 4 June 2013


"How Much Life Savings You Have Left?"

Much appreciated to Hanis Haizi.. 
 "A Session With Prof Dr Lim" from her blog.. thats how the great leaders doing.

Prof. Dr. Lawrence Lim is a world renowned expert on beauty & health with a PhD in Cosmetology!. Previously, he was one of the only 4 consultants in the world for a giant (SK-**) beauty company!

His years of experience in health/beauty is priceless and he is also the author for 2 Best Seller health books published internationally.

He constantly travels the world not for work but for charity. Volunteering himself in war stricken countries such as Bosnia, Somalia, Afgahnistan, Iraq and  the more recent Syria 

Just to name a few...

His work and contribution to the beauty industry is world class and I am VERY glad that our company organized this amazing talk.

I'd say there were 250 GLAMpreneurs that went back that day with their minds filled and eyes opened more than before about our health and how to take care of it!.

Thank you to Prof. Dr. Lim & the company for this wonderful opportunity.

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