Friday, 23 August 2013


My decision to jump as a Entrepreneur and be part of GREEN LEADERS ACADEMY MALAYSIA just because 

im sick to wake up every morning and do the daily basis of work and face with annoying people which is too much of politics environment.  Almost 5 years work like in a prison. can not imagine people can stay and waste whole a life working under people and do the same thing.

 why i choose to be one of Glampreneur...

 how we run the business by TEAMWORK?

success can achieved by effort but its become easier if we keep doing in teamwork. concept mentor and protege was practise in our GLAM team.

 can you see the different between workplace and network marketing in GLAM. if you are one of "kaki bodek/kaki kipas", congrate!! you will be a CEO soon! 

"boss, you look adorable today" (walaupun bos muka tak mandi)
 "boss, your new dress is very suit with you. you look younger than ages" (padahal baju tu dah pakai berkali-kali. dah lusuh dah pon)
 "boss, you should ask senah to do double job. look like she is so free with her ipad" (Eh,dia pula arahkan bos.dia main candy crash takpe pulak)
 by that way, you still can not be the owner of company.

 then, once you make a mistake, trusted gone and people judge you simply. Appreciated? never!

 but in GLAM,

 we are the right path. we are practised working in teamwork. healthy competition with others. if you make a mistake, we show the right way. if you are zero,we guide you become hero. this is your business. you can design, colour, and shape by your own

 which level are you? 



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